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Lawrence Security Group, INC. appreciates that in the New York Metropolitan area you have many options for contracting a security or investigative service. Often the choices and differences between what is offered by one firm over another is exhausting to factor. We believe in service that you can count on…”Quality, Professional, and Reliable”.Please allow us the opportunity to be of service to you…we are confident you will not be disappointed!

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Investigative Services

Lawrence Security Group, INC. Investigative Service Division is comprised of former law enforcement and highly skilled, licensed and insured investigative industry professionals.  Utilizing their knowledge, experience, and tactics, our team can investigate complex matters in an effort to solve your case. Our investigators have the ability to apply the same techniques that law enforcement agencies use and now can offer these services to the private sector.  We have the ability and contacts if needed to collaborate with active law enforcement departments.  Additionally, Executive Protection Services are offered from within our Investigative Service Division to include specialized “high profile, unique security details”.


Surveillance is the art of monitoring a target or subjects activities through observation and close watch. It is observation of the behavior of people or objects. Typical subjects or targets are people, places, and vehicles. Surveillance is conducted in a covert manner in which the subjects or targets are unaware they are being watched. The activities are documented with detailed reports, video, and pictures. Surveillance cases throughout the world.

1. Physical Surveillance is conducted by male or female agents that are physically maintaining constant close watch of a subject usually by vehicle or foot.

2. Electronic Surveillance is conducted using high tech electronic equipment.

3. Vehicle Tracking/GPS Tracking is a variety of technology that can be implemented to track a vehicle to precise locations. Tracking reports can track a vehicle 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and can include details such as addresses, durations, and speed.

Surveillance is often used for the following types of cases: Catch a Cheating Spouse, Domestic Cases, Infidelity / Matrimonial Investigations, Child Custody Cases, Tracking a Teen, Insurance Fraud, Workers Compensation Lawsuits, Verifying Employment and more!