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Lawrence Security Group, INC. appreciates that in the New York Metropolitan area you have many options for contracting a security or investigative service. Often the choices and differences between what is offered by one firm over another is exhausting to factor. We believe in service that you can count on…”Quality, Professional, and Reliable”.Please allow us the opportunity to be of service to you…we are confident you will not be disappointed!

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CCTV System Services

The Lawrence Security Group, INC. CCTV System Division offers a variety of consulting, contracting, design and video security monitoring services. Regardless whether your need is to simply apply a basic single camera system in your operation or to integrate a complex video surveillance design to interact with your entire security and / or investigative departments, Lawrence Security Group, INC. has can accommodate your needs.


Lawrence Security Group, INC. deploys the finest group of installation and integration contractors that are licensed and insured throughout the New York Metropolitan area.  Lawrence Security Group, INC. provides a broad spectrum of CCTV surveillance system installation and support services. Starting with a site analysis and an assessment of your surveillance needs, we form direct advice by assessing your current security systems (if any) to determine if they are adequate or can be integrated. Then we will advise you on the selection of systems and actually implement them. Once your site analysis and surveillance equipment recommendations are completed, it’s time take the next step. Trained in the specialized field of surveillance placement, our Installation team will install your complete system with minimal interruptions to your day-to-day business.


Video Security Monitoring is available to integrate most any pre-existing CCTV Systems and ALL Systems contracted by Lawrence Security Group, INC. with highly skilled security personnel that are trained in both a video monitoring specialty as well as the specific system technology deployed.  These specialty security personnel can monitor local on site systems as well as remote systems of all types, layouts and complexity.  Licensed security professionals assigned to your location(s), will be carefully matched and selected to fit exact decorum requirements.